Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Buck 65 - Excerpt from "Blood Of a Young Wolf"

Don't let the gravel-pit monontone fool you: Buck 65 can be one exciteable boy. Hard at work in Chicago on his upcoming full-length, ol' Buck (nee Richard Terfry) is apparently so jazzed about his new major-label backing (not to mention working with the lads from post-rock mainstays Tortoise) that he couldn't wait until recording was done before posting his work online.

This unmixed, instrumental excerpt from "Blood of a Young Wolf" is a stylistic extension of 2003's "Talkin' Honky Blues", with its dusty acoustic guitar, weeping pedal-steel, and that sting of tears in your beer. Interesting, though, is the mid-song addition of shuffling glitch drums and analog synth, which harken back to Buck's earlier sci-fi-infused sound. For fans worried Buck was becoming little more musically than a beatnik backed up by hillbillies, this clip signals a more eclectic aural buffet on the as-yet-untitled album in progress. With a little luck, Buck 65's new work will keep him at the fore of Canuck hip-hop, though his back catalogue already proves he can outgun any retro-futurist cowboy persona that Beck adopts.

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