Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sixty Years Later

::Memory of "the original Ground Zero" is dying
::The birth of "Mere Terror"
::Doubts over Tokyo Tribunal's legitimacy linger

"Whether Harry Truman was right or wrong in using the atomic bomb to raze Hiroshima in 1945 is now academic. But imagine the scenario if the Allies had lost that war for control of the Pacific Ocean: Japan would now be an economic powerhouse, the streets of North America would be teeming with Japanese cars and sushi bars, and karaoke would be all the rage."

~ William Bedford in a letter to the Globe and Mail, August 4 2005

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mo said...

good, thought provoking articles.

I would also recommend the book "Flyboys"

The thing that no one seems to address is that the problem of killing civilians is not with one nation or another but with the nature of modern warfare. The quickest, most cost & life efficient way to end a war is by crippling the military industrial complex. That means bombing cities.

That doesn't make it right. But no country who takes part in modern warfare can claim any kind of innoscence.

I could keep going, but I've said enough already.

Thanks for the articles