Friday, October 05, 2007

Things To Do in Berlin When in Bed

Lately, I've been working on a few white-knuckle frustration-inducing projects: (1) composing using a deck of cards, (2) trying to turn tin into platinum on some film sound post-production, and (3) getting a full night's sleep. So far, I've had the least success with the latter.

An early attempt to remedy the problem was constructing a mix of miasmatic ambient music, the logic being that if my ears were being distracted, my eyes could abdicate in their sensory duty. Not a bad theory, but it didn't completely work: though I'd downshift into Beta waves by "Repeater", I'd snap awake as soon as I became aware of the sonic void left in the wake of "Blood Swamp." Bugger.

A more successful remedy involved letting various movies play on loop in the background, though I don't like what it says about my social skills that I find it easier to pass out while other people are talking. This didn't last long, though, since it keeps Th' Wife awake.

So while I soldier on into the depths of insomnambulist purgatory, at least y'all can enjoy the mix I put together. Prepare to get mellow...

Space For Rent

1. The Desert Fathers - "Agnus Dei" (00:00)
2. Azusa Plane - "The Miracle of the Octave" (01:54)
3. Spacemen 3 - "Repeater" Live (10:52)
4. Heldon - "Les Soucoupes Volantes Verte" (16:14)
5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Records" (18:32)
6. Sonic Youth - "Loop Cat" (20:12)
7. Boards of Canada - "Ataronchronon" (25:42)
8. Brian Eno - "In Dark Trees" (26:43)
9. Dalek - "Abscence" (29:05)
10. The Giraffes - "Headphone Sunset" (30:34)
11. SunnO))) & Boris - "Blood Swamp" (37:37)

As always, if the link to this mix (or a past one) goes dead before you've had a chance to download it, just drop a comment and I'll hook you up.

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