Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Revving the Motorik

Come on, ride the train...

Well, I'd hoped to finish up a missive about M.I.A. and illusory hipster politics before I broke outta here, but no can do. That'll have to wait until next month, 'cuz I'm back off to the Land of the Rising Sun for a few weeks. As excited as I am about the trip, I'm not terribly chuffed about the transitory comin'-and-goin'. Air travel grows more odious by the year, as security procedures become more minutae-choked by the minute and I still haven't figured out how to fall asleep on airplanes.

So I've concoted a sonic psychological tonic: a mix of momentum-oriented music to provide the forward thrust I'll need to keep my sanity sprinting from one gate to the next. This runs the gammet from orthodox Krautrock to some of the new enfants terribles of hypnoise rock; otherwise, honestly, I'd probably just throw "Oh Yeah" on loop, and it'd be a pity to wear out the treads on such a monument of motorik.

Dept. of Tangential Trivial Anecdotes: in discussing our dream covers, I once remarked to Travis Morrison that Lake Trout could have done the most muscular, juggernaut rendition of "Recap Modotti" - if they hadn't been headed away from expansive improvscapes towards more rockist pastures at the time. Oh well. A lad can dream.

Click on the mix title to download.

We Keep Time

1. Faust - "Miss Fortune" (00:00)
2. Amon Tobin - "Rhino Jockey" (04:53)
3. Caspar Brötzmann Massaker - "Wiege" (11:33)
4. U.N.K.L.E. with South - "Logan's Run" (18:03)
5. The Pop Group - "We Are Time" (23:25)
6. Harmonia - "Dino" (29:52)
7. The Fall - "Cab It Up" Peel Session (33:15)
8. Deerhunter - "Cryptograms" (37:54)
9. These New Puritans - "En Papier" (42:08)
10. Boredoms - "Super Going" Excerpt (46:40)
11. Fugazi - "Recap Modotti" (54:08)
12. Lake Trout - "Luvean" (57:53)
13. Swell Maps - "Big Maz In the Desert" (01:04:50)
14. NO - "Ufomammut Hunter" (01:09:53)

Be back next month. マタ, ネ!

Photo by Stephen*

Addendum: What the hell?! How has this random CD-R I used to give away at shows in Baltimore made it around the world and back? I'd better start working harder if I don't want "I Used to Write Jingles For a Living" on my fuckin' tombstone...

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