Monday, April 14, 2008

Show & Tell


I'd always been dimly aware of Arthur Brown as some lanky cat in facepaint that my parents digged (yes, digged, not dug, squares), but a little quality time spent with his records last week has reawakened me to this man's unmitigated genius. Try that 4-octave range on for size, kiddo! And have you ever seen such dancing? Let it be writ in the sky in magnesium flares: Arthur Brown set the precedent.

This particular video also features drum-syncing that makes the "Sweater Song" look spot-on. As the man says... Terrific!


Friends, transients, countrymen and -women... lend me your ears and wallets. As of right now, my new full-length is on the block over at Spoilt Victorian Child Records, and I would deeply appreciate your patronage. Does that sound desperate? Well, guess what, I ain't held a full-time job in three years and can't get a work permit where I'm domiciled, so yes, I'm begging. Wait, redact that - I'm busking. (You would be, after all, getting something in return.)

But hell, y'know what? The album's good enough that it can back up whatever braggadocio I throw out. So fuck begging; I'm doing you a favour by letting you know you can buy Exit Strategy right here. Who wouldn't want something that stitches together Wall of VooDoo, Ministry, and the Fall?

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