Sunday, November 09, 2008

A Trey Parker Understatement

What better way to cap off a historic & reaffirming week than bitching about frivolous tripe?

Quick show of hands while you're still in the voting mood, people: who here would've ever thought that "Spielberg & Lucas gang-raping Indiana Jones" could qualify as a malefic piss-take not taken far enough? Well, then which of these bastard Frankenstein monsters do you find to be the greatest violation?

Or, dare I inquire, is there some fresh filmic horror I've not yet heard of, waiting to bust aneurysms in film-lovers' brains everywhere?

Ah well. At least this gave me a good solid chuckle. (Via the AV Club's Friday Buzzkills.)


steve57 said...

this count?

Seb said...

Sweet merciful crap, you have got to be pulling my goddamn leg...

socialism and/or barbarism said...

So now they need to start raping the Asian cult canon as well? They can't remain content with disemboweling their own created traditions?

That said, we are living in the time when Insomnia (featuring a quite recognizable Skarsgård) must be remade in order to be Americanly watchable. The lag time between original production and cleaned-up, de-balled remake is getting shorter and shorter. I'm already calling it: there will be a remake of the stunning Let the Right One In, and it will probably feature Hannah Montana or the like.