Sunday, March 01, 2009

Return of the Son of John Smith's Pommade

To bastardise the words of Paul Virilio, the invention of National-Brand Bobby Jindal™ was also the invention of a candidate only conservative Christian grandparents who watch Hee-Haw and The 700 Club in their subleased trailer and love the immigrants who work in the kitchen at the Waffle House would vote for (a demographic that makes about as much sense & wields as much power as, say, Jews For Jesus).

And so, with the grace & synchronicity that has come to define the contemporary GOP, the Republicans loudly shat themselves and began tugging on strangers' collars, asking which head on the hydra major player in the Party of Lincoln they'd vote for if November 2012 is exactly like March 2009.

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, that stiff, spookily hollow-eyed Skull & Bones cardboard-cutout with a defensive temper is back!

I'm glad if only because this brilliant clip from will get a bit more mileage.

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