Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Son of: When Mates Release Records

To jack a theme from Sir Reynolds...

For those of you who've been derelict in clicking around the links to the right, may I draw your attention to the boutique label with the best roster in Blighty, SVC Records. The label bloomed from the fine music blog Spoilt Victorian Child when maitre d' Simon decided to evangelise more actively on behalf of (whom he saw as) criminally underappreciated artists - including fuzzbox enthusiasts Ringo Deathstarr and The Vandelles, bedroom pop alchemists The Harvey Girls, and, uh, myself. For this, I owe Simon a huge debt of gratitude. (But happily, not a huge literal debt - recoupment achieved, baby!)

But Simon doesn't just release records - he makes 'em too.

The Chasms is Simon's collaboration with Richard Quirk and the prolific Mike Seed. Their debut EP (recorded au naturel in a barn) will scrub your eardrums like steel wool dipped in Oxycontin. Packed with pythonic drones and primitive percussion, the seven songs sound like a young Jack Rose, in full hippie-war-machine-mode, and the sultan of sub Jah Wobble jamming on some Jesus And Mary Chain. Radiant and immersive, radioactive and absorbing, Advance Paranoia, Advance is best soaked in under the scorching summer skies. And since the whole shebang can be enjoyed for free at their website, I suggest you go cop that right now before the season gets any older.

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