Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Defined As Disorientation Or a Change of Scenery

Well, I've made good on my promise to crank out that "sketchbook of improvised production exercises." Upon hearing it, my bandmates joked that I need to start grading my records - Rogues Gallery for beginners, Dépaysement for experts - lest some guileless listener looking for Shellac-like sturm und drang get stuck with an album of swampy, tuneless arrhythmia.

Not that the new album is impossibly uneasy listening; I haven't broken any rules left intact by either Brian Eno or the past generation of post-rockers. But Dépaysement would upset anyone looking for the relative concision & geometric construction of my last couple o' albums. On the other hand, the miasmic feedback & undulating drones provide the perfect soundtrack to that long dusky drive, jetlag-enabled insomnia, or snowbound solitude many of us face in the coming weeks.

And with that, I'll catch you all on the other side my own long-haul holiday transition. Pray the TSA doesn't take a dislike to my bearded countenance.


Jeffrey said...

I like it. You ought to seek out a friend of mine who lives in Shitamachi. You guys have similar musical tastes.

Seb said...

Thanks for the tip - certainly seems like we'd have plenty to geek-mind-meld over. And glad you like the tunes too!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, Seb! The lack of vocals gives more chance to hear what you're up to instruMENTALly!!