Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Singularity, European Stereotypes Edition

I believe I've found the point at which total self-consciousness and zero self-awareness fold back upon each other Moebius-like. At least as far as the French and Germans are concerned.

A brief translation of that last bit:
Reporter: When are the regional elections?

Kindly old lady: I've nothing to say to that. I'm an anarchist and I want to fucking destroy all of capitalist society.
I swear, that is what she actually says. As for translating this next item...

None required. Or perhaps none possible.


flspectro said...

The Garfield t-shirt is oh-so-ironic and the alarm clock at the end it's... hmmm... funny?. Just guessing. They reminded me of Die Antwoord.

Seb said...

Die Antwoord is a good comparison: that place where honest endeavor & parody collapse into a single point. I guess the real difference is that Die Antwoord is done "well" and Tutenchamun is done "badly," though I honestly hate Die Antwoord whereas I can't stop laughing at this.

Jeffrey said...

Ah, the subtle hand of German pop music. Like an old SNL routine with Mike Myers as Dieter - "Touch my monkey"!

And people don't believe there should be any gate keepers for the Intenet.