Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Last-Minute Temptation

I've never understood Easter - not the least because of the non-sequitorial celebratory customs. Perhaps it's just because I've never had a loved one die in some unjust or gruesome fashion, but marking & observing the murder of someone is... ghoulish creepy. Lemme put it this way: I don't trust the American gov't at all, but if I met a libertarian who marks the assassination of JFK by wearing a rifle pendant and conducting elaborate rituals involving, say, a woodchuck using marshmallows to mark the possible locations of multiple assailants, I'd have to seriously question this person's sanity.

Anyway, the Germans have an interesting twist on holidays that mark someone's death: whereas Americans celebrate with door-crashing sales, Germans close up shop... leaving me with nothing to do and half the groceries I need to survive the weekend. So I had the time to throw together this last minute MP3 mix, based upon the narrative of The Last Temptation of Christ. Click on the title to download it.

The Cross Roads: Last Temptation

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Jesus" (00:00)
2. Soul Coughing - "Blue-Eyed Devil" (06:26)
3. The Harvey Girls - "Your Evil Man" (10:26)
4. The Desert Sessions - "Creosote" (13:16)
5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Up Jumped the Devil" (15:40)
6. Cave - "Hunt Like Devil" (20:56)
7. Johnny Temple - "Evil Devil Blues" (30:42)
8. The Smiths - "Headmaster's Ritual" (33:47)
9. Sonic Youth - "Kill Yr. Idols" (38:32)
10. Soundgarden - "Jesus Christ Pose" (41:07)
11. Laddio Bolocko - "The Man Who Never Was" (46:56)
12. The Skull Defekts - "White Lights Burning Eyes" (50:51)

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