Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning Out My Closet: Cinema of Moral Anxiety

The problem with being a pack-rat is the same that faces staunch anti-abortionists: congratulations, you've got a kid; now what the hell you gonna do with it? Part of my ongoing effort of to unburden myself of my musical backlog is occassionally to give away archival recordings online. This month, I dug deep into the darkest bowels of my closet to unearth the Cinema of Moral Anxiety EP, the beginning stages of an identity crisis committed to tape. (Click on the title to download.)

The songs were recorded between August and October of 2001, during which time I moved to Toronto, began my higher education, watched the Twin Towers collapse live on TV, dropped out, entered one of Canada’s most competitive job markets with no marketable skills or experience, and found minimum-wage work at a company that went bankrupt three weeks after I was hired. In that order.

Consequently, the EP is a little overwrought - so much so that I cut a couple of particularly vindictive pieces from this edition of the EP. It also marks my first foray into the digital recording medium, as I began toying with simple wave editing programs. Thus, the EP is split fairly evenly between my half-assed stab at drum 'n' bass and 4-track shitfits.

But hey, it’s almost springtime, so better to get the junk and skeletons out of the closet - right, Eliot?

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