Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Autobahn Kriegeren

Via the always-awesome WFMU blog...

The creative geography employed by the editor is fantastically random. The largest geographic jump created by a single cut is, I guesstimate, just over 3km. Perhaps charting the chase on a municipal map will reveal some secret pattern or message - a constellation perhaps?

What I honestly find so intriguing about various filmic depictions of Hamburg from decades past is how rough the city looks - a bona fide blue-collar shithole with enough character to power the Tom Waits songbook. It's got stubble, grit, and spittle on its chin that makes the Baltimore of The Wire look clean-cut. Who'd have imagined then that, less than a generation later, it would be such a reserved, starched platter of bourgeois predictability?

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mo said...

That's a great video, I feel like I'd really enjoy Hamburg from, but you know I'm a sucker for a fun car chase scene.

Anyway, the city does look like a pretty gritty...more gritty than Baltimore of today in that video. But then think that when this filmed Baltimore was in it's pre-inner harbor days, and imagine how much more gritty the city was back then.