Sunday, April 16, 2006

No, This is Bananas...

Forgive the un-posting-ness of late; once I complete the projects which have impeded my blogocity, I'll be able to deliver a hell of an excuse.

In the meantime, though, I (like everyone else) just stumbled across something fan-freakin'-tastic on No, not the Clerks II trailer - that ain't good news for anyone. Except maybe Jason Mewes, because it's about time that dude got his ducks in a row.

I'm talking about the above clip of Glenn Branca going absolutely batshit on a Telecaster way bay when in '78. Before any of you skeptics dismiss this a mere noise, allow the sheet-metal sonics to squeegee your third eye and consider that all of that sound is coming from one man. Makes his two most famous disciples, Misters Ranaldo and Moore, seem suddenly unimpressive, don't it?

I've got some more cacophonous euphoria from Branca on the way, but I just wanted to offer up this visual stimuli ASAP because... well, shit, look at it. If that doesn't clip your sensory input, nothing will.