Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy 4th Anniversary!

Note the date on the cartoon: 3/6/04 Some of us saw this coming...

There's no way I can address this more eloquently than other people have (and do), nor can I get beyond a certian apoplexy that erases sympathy for damn near every party except the civilians of Iraq. So rather than bore & insult y'all, I offer below a more abstract approach to conversation. Use it as an excuse for some sober introspection on your personal occupation of this world.

Fight Songs - Happy Four Years!

1. Kill Them All (The Brainbombs)
2. Repeater (Fugazi)
3. The Fall of Saigon (Peel Session; This Heat)
4. Trench Warfare (Czukay-Wobble-Liebezeit)
5. Life During Wartime (The Talking Heads)
6. Living Through Another Cuba (XTC)
7. Exterminator (Primal Scream)
8. Arms Control Poseur (The Fall)
9. Total War (Kelly Deal 6000)
10. War (Celebration)
11. Der Kanonensong (Kurt Weill)
12. Zombie (Fela Kuti & Africa 70)
13. Terrible Things (Beauty Pill)