Tuesday, February 20, 2007

He Walks Among Us... Whoever "he" is.

Nobody fucks with de Jesus...

So leave it to another ex-junkie lunatic to convince a bunch of rubes that he's the son of God. In the words of the Mighty Hicks, "I think God put you here to test my faith, buddy."

Am I missing out on the world's biggest racket here? Hell, ol' L. Ron wasn't kidding when he said that religion's where the money is. What's stopping me from declaring myself Son of the Big Guy and getting fat off the misdirected donations of simple-minded marks? And how dare you besmirch the good names of my followers! They may be uneducated, isolated, semi-sociopathic outcasts, but it's not like J.C.'s O.G. crew weren't a little rag-tag & rough around the edges themselves. So what if Saul, a.k.a. Paul, a.k.a. Ghostface Vanilla, was a thug who enjoyed ostracizing & executing peasants?

Anyhoo, here's a catchy little ditty over the farcical panic of facing Judgement...

Billy Nayer Show - "Head of a Cat"
(from Goodbye Straplight Sarantino, I Will Miss You)